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EWA combines the best-in-class learning methods with your favorite movie characters and most beloved books.

Master your reading and listening skills

Quickly raise your vocabulary while enjoying reading or listening to your favorite books and audiobooks. A Library of thousands of your beloved books, featuring translation, transcription, and pronunciation of every word is waiting for you.

Start speaking with your favorite movie characters

Hundreds of short and funny lessons based on memes from your favorite films and TV shows will motivate you better than any boring school books. There is no better and effective way to learn than learning from what you like.

Improve your English or Spanish with your personal program

Our learning program adapts to each user. Take the language proficiency test and we'll make a personal plan for you.

Repeat effectively with games

In between video courses and reading books, you can always relax by playing educational games. They are easy enough so you can enjoy them and informative enough to consolidate your language knowledge.

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The app can be downloaded totally for free for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones.